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  • n. A biographical essay.
  • n. An early device to show moving pictures on a screen.
  • v. To write a biography of.

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  • n. An animated picture machine for screen projection; a cinematograph.
  • n. A biographical sketch.

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  • To write a biograph of; prepare a brief biographical sketch of.
  • n. A mechanical device, invented by Herman Casler, for projecting upon a screen pictures of moving objects.
  • n. A biographical sketch or notice; a brief biography.


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bio- + -graph


  • The toy called the biograph, which reflects pictures for us in a dazzling and moving continuity, so that we can see scenes of human life in action, is merely a hint to us that every scene of every life is reflected in a ceaseless moving panorama

    The Master-Christian

  • Until instantaneous photography was introduced, a little more than twenty-five years ago (by the discovery of the means of increasing the sensitiveness of a photographic plate), and gradually became familiar to everyone in the exhibitions known as the "biograph" or

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • As everyone knows, the so-called "biograph" pictures are produced by an enormous series of consecutive instantaneous photographs taken on a continuous transparent flexible film or ribbon.

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • Tom Nolan's biograph of Ross Macdonald Millar is a masterpiece. posted by Ed Gorman @ 2:18 PM

    Margaret Millar

  • DCB/DBC Online

    Champlain's Dream

  • "One of the many items my so-censored biograph left out was that my only child died a-borning, from his mother's womb untimely ripped, ripping it and rendering her completely barren."

    The Ship Who Sang

  • That damned biograph left too much unsaid, particularly apparent to a brawn trainee.

    The Ship Who Sang

  • With an almost savage twist she turned on the audio, sitting stiffly erect and motionless as the tape played back, either deaf or impervious to the biograph.

    The Ship Who Sang

  • Sardou, as represented by the biograph, is no longer a man of letters; but he remains, scarcely less evidently than in the ordinary theatre, a skilful and effective playwright.

    The Theory of the Theatre

  • It is popularly believed that animated pictures had their inception with Edison who projected the biograph in 1887, having based it on that wonderful and ingenious toy, the Zoetrope.

    Marvels of Modern Science


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  • A device, invented in 1896 and patented by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company (which is still in existence), that was a combination motion-picture camera and projector using 70-millimeter film to increase picture sharpness over the Edison-owned Kinetograph (recording device) and Kinetoscope (viewing device). Bio- meaning life, and -graph meaning drawing or picture.

    March 7, 2007