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  • n. A growing field that studies the production, action and interpretation of signs in the biological realm.


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bio- +‎ semiotics


  • Calculating the amount of information necessary to have self-repairing objects is currently beyond our abilities, but systems biology, epigenetics, and biosemiotics is breaching that ground.

    A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers

  • This was conceptualized from both phenomenology, developmental systems theory (or autopoiesis, as Rose termed it), and biosemiotics - all in one way or the other emphasizing the brain as embodied (or the body as 'embrained', as someone smartly put it), and emphasizing the body's embeddedness in the world (emworlded).

    Blogbot - forsiden

  • A team at Charles University in Prague is exploring biosemiotics, a rich analytic approach that adds a new facet to the otherwise mechanistic traditions of the biological sciences.



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  • The peacock prefers the boldly erotic

    And butterflies go for coyly exotic

    For dumb creatures must

    Thus signify lust

    By means that are biosemiotic.

    December 10, 2016