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Corruption of bludgeoner. [2] (Wiktionary)


  • We invented the meaning of "bludger" and made the sweat-stained singlet, footy shorts and cave-man stubble the "in" fashion.

    sierrazen Diary Entry

  • The saddest part of the first cake is that it has THE prettiest icing writing I have ever seen, but you're too distracted looking at the result of Harry getting hit in the face with a bludger to really notice.

    This Should Even Things Out

  • Sonic's been coasting on his past successes ever since 1993, and in Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Nintendo Wii the little blue bludger has once again turned in a game that only a myopic and brain-damaged mother could love.

    Sonic and the Secret Rings

  • Bugger off said he, as only lorikeets can do, go find your own damn tree – you hairy bludger!

    In Need Of Subtle Teaching

  • Mitford races down the field, avoids a bludger by Malfoy Mitford Shoots, Weasley Dives, and ooooo she just missed it.

    katebell Diary Entry

  • They were having a bludger fight and Hol got in the middle of it by accident!

    katebell Diary Entry

  • Proverbially rough and foul mouthed. bummer: A cadger or bludger.

    Children of the Bush

  • Mamdoub Habib sues radio for claiming he was a welfare cheat FORMER Guantanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh Habib is suing two Sydney radio stations for calling him a "grub" and "bludger" welfare cheat. | Top Stories

  • Price and Hadley made similar claims, with Hadley labelling Mr Habib a "grub" and Price calling him a "bludger". | Top Stories

  • It's hard to find just the right one - or two-word translation for fair dinkum, whiteant, pike (as in to volunteer for something then change your mind), bail up, bludger, larrikin or spruiker, for example.

    The Guardian World News


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