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  • abbr. accusative
  • abbr. Games ace
  • abbr. across
  • abbr. adenine
  • abbr. alto
  • abbr. ampere
  • abbr. angstrom
  • abbr. area

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  • n. The first letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • n. Marks the first item in a list
  • n. A hypothetical item or person designated first when there are more than one.
  • n. The hexadecimal digit for 10
  • n. Symbol for the company Agilent Technologies, Inc. on the NYSE.
  • n. Symbol for the element Argon (Since 1956 has been changed to Ar).
  • n. area
  • abbr. ampere, a unit of electrical current.
  • abbr. IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for adenine in genetic code.
  • abbr. IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for alanine in proteins.
  • abbr. Austria
  • n. The first letter of the English alphabet, called a and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The ordinal number first, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called a and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The highest rank on any of various scales that assign letters.
  • n. The highest letter grade assigned (disregarding plusses and minuses).
  • n. A blood type that has a specific antigen that aggravates the immune response in people with type B antigen in their blood. They may receive blood from type A or type O, but cannot receive blood from AB or B.
  • n. Mass number.
  • n. acoustic source
  • n. actual weight of an aircraft
  • n. adulterer, adulteress
  • n. Alaska Steamship Company
  • n. Alcoa Steamship Company
  • n. allele dominant
  • n. alveolar gas
  • n. American Stock Exchange
  • n. ammunition examiner
  • n. Anchor Line
  • n. aspect ratio
  • n. Assembly Bill
  • n. Smallest of the brassiere cup sizes.
  • n. Chemical activity.
  • n. first van der Waals constant
  • n. Fraunhofer line for oxygen
  • n. hail
  • n. includes extras
  • n. linear acceleration
  • n. mean sound absorption coefficient
  • n. Shoe size narrower than B
  • n. Single A league, one of the lowest professional leagues.
  • n. Total acidity.
  • abbr. Ace
  • abbr. Acre
  • abbr. Adult; as used in film rating
  • abbr. Ammeter
  • abbr. angstrom
  • abbr. Answer
  • abbr. An assist
  • abbr. atom; atomic


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek letter Α (a, "alpha"), derived from the Phoenician letter 𐤀 (ʼ, "aleph").

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Abbreviation of various terms.


  • The standard ratings are looking a little dated now, with just about everything on the market qualifying for an A, so at Marks & Spencer you'll find things rated AA and AAA; elsewhere it'll come up as A+ and A+++, but it all means the same thing, the plus or extra A means it goes 10% more efficiently than an A by itself.

    Lighten the load

  • Promoted to Headline (H3) on 5/17/09: Bush-Obama: 'A rose by any other name 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' Bush-Obama: \'A rose by any other name\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Who said, "A war criminal is a war ciminal is a war criminal?"'

    Bush-Obama: 'A rose by any other name'

  • The four highest ratings at insurance specialist A.M. Best Co. are A++, A+, A and A -.

    How Well Do You Know... Annuities?

  • A Quiet Excellence: an A+ yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'A Quiet Excellence: an A+ '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: But there is an empty chair at the party.

    A Quiet Excellence: an A+

  • P lowered Portuguese long - and short-term ratings by two notches to 'A -/A-2' from 'A+/A - 1' - outlook is negative.

  • (IDR) to 'BBB+' from 'A -', senior debt rating to 'BBB' from 'BBB+', and Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating of its primary insurance subsidiaries to 'A' from 'A+'.


  • (A-A″) 71B-Gal4/UAS-NkdGFP third-instar Drosophila salivary gland stained with α-Dsh and imaged for GFP (A) and Dsh (A′) distributions (merged image in A″).

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • After initially rejecting a confusing appliance energy rating scheme that involved grades of A+++, A++, A+ and A, Europe's Trialogue parties of the European Council, European Commission and European Parliament accepted the scheme which would see consumers confused and A grades going to relatively energy inefficient products.

    WWF - Environmental News

  • The firm led the sale itself, and the bonds were rated A1 by Moody's Investors Service, A by Standard & Poor's and A+ by Fitch Ratings.

    Goldman Sachs Sells

  • One achieved 10 A and A* grades at GCSE at a private school.

    Which school should I choose?


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