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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Anglicized form of Irish Úna.


  • Winner: The random numbers have rolled and Una is the winner!

    Angels' Blood Countdown: Lora Leigh - Nauti Intentions ARC

  • Although the Fernández and Figueroa last worked together in Una Cita de Amor (1958), which starred El Indio's half-brother Jaime Fernández, the collaboration was essentially over in the mid-'50s, when they made La Rosa Blanca (1955) and La Tierra del Fuego se Apaga (1955).

    Emilio Fernandez, one of a kind

  • Tomorrow, when we go over the top – I'll think of you both – of your laughter, Rilla-my-Rilla, and the steadfastness in Una's blue eyes – somehow I see those eyes very plainly tonight, too.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • Walter, lying on his stomach among the fern, was reading aloud to Mary and Di and Faith and Una from a wonderful book of myths wherein were fascinating accounts of Prester John and the Wandering Jew, divining rods and tailed men, of Schamir, the worm that split rocks and opened the way to golden treasure, of Fortunate Isles and swan-maidens.

    Rainbow Valley

  • Una is ten – she's a sweet little thing – not pretty, but sweet.

    Rainbow Valley

  • "Una is the only one of us who really likes praying," said Faith pensively.

    Rainbow Valley

  • – the 'faire Una' is safe from the wild beasts, you know; – and I'll show her books enough to build herself a house with, if she likes.


  • One would think this a book about her everyday actions, her chores, her repetitive characteristics, and while this is part of the book, there is so much more going on in Una’s life with her triumphs and tribulations, her loves and deaths, her dangerous adventures, and her happy times at home.

    2010 February 10 « The BookBanter Blog

  • This is what I know about loneliness: every now and again while I'm living in London I try to call Una.

    Motion of Souls: A Novel Excerpt

  • In 1960, the late Robert Cantwell offered an appreciation: The amateur clubs were still in existence, and the junior champions were a club from a Boston suburb, called the Una Base Ball Club.

    Music of the Spheres


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