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  • n. Lightning; flash of lightning; a flash.
  • v. To seek; search for; inquire.

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  • To seek; search for; inquire.
  • n. Lightning; flash.


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From Middle English lait, layt, leit, leyt, from Old English līġet, līġetu, līeġet ("lightning, flash of lightning"), from Proto-Germanic *laugiþō (“lightning”), from Proto-Indo-European *leuk- (“to shine”). Related to Old English līeġ ("fire, flame, lightning"). Compare also Old High German laugazan, lōhazan ("to be red, shine, sparkle"), Gothic  (lauhatjan, "to lighten"). More at lowe, light.

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From Middle English laiten, leiten, from Old Norse leita ("to seek, search, inquire"), from Proto-Germanic *wlaitōnan (“to look out, see”), from Proto-Indo-European *wel- (“to see”). Cognate with Icelandic leita ("to search"), Swedish leta ("to search, hunt, forage"), Old English wlātian ("to gaze, observe, look upon, behold").


  • I put water on to boil and go searching for a coffee cup; instead I find a stack of porcelain bowls and am reminded that the French still drink their café-au-lait from a bol* just as they still eat their cake with a spoon and not a fork.

    French Word-A-Day:

  • TAKING A SIP OF his café au lait, Field Agent Richard Purcell folded back the front page of the Times-Picayune and scanned the headlines.

    Etched in Bone

  • And like that, I sipped my café-au-lait and watched Jean-Claude point out rosy details in the old, dark photos.

    WWII soldiers remembrance

  • S. France, where we were unexpectedly given a beautiful rose with our cafe au lait.

    acrostiche - French Word-A-Day

  • Pour cacher mon fou-rire, je pars faire chauffer du lait; j'apporte le beurre et des tartines de pain tout juste grillé.

    Lettres de ma Terrasse

  • But as my niece is getting married in August, possibly on a family cruise to the Bahamas, I must refrain from les patates et oeufs regularly and be true to my cornflakes au lait 2%.

    et patati et patata - French Word-A-Day

  • Still, this morning -- sans cafe au lait -- I trekked to Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower for the Akris Spring/Summer 2011 show.

    Nicole Berrie: Akris Spring/Summer 2011 - Uptown Girls (PHOTOS)

  • Must Try: Pig's feet, sliced pork belly, brandade, cochon de lait, fois gras and haricot vert salad, soups, charcuterie and beef cheek.

    Amy Chan: Top 10 Restaurants in Paris on Any Budget

  • I order a big creamy bowl of café au lait when the place is peppered with discreet, big-deal New Yorkers.

    New York

  • Stores were largely unshuttered and cafes open along the protesters' route toward the parliament, as patrons watched from their sidewalk tables sipping cafe au lait in the partly Francophone capital.

    Morocco Joins in, Defying Predictions


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