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  • n. The outer membrane of the brain.


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From Middle French teie, and its source, Latin tēca, thēca, from Ancient Greek θήκη ("covering, sheath").


  • There was another cheerful little bird, new to me also, which uttered an amusing phrase in two keys, something like _tee tay, tee tay, tee tay_, one note sustained high and long, followed by another given on

    The Trail of the Goldseekers A Record of Travel in Prose and Verse

  • Cunningly, Mr. Wildes-who admits he had no idea what cannabis or hashish were during that first conversation over a cup of "tay" in the Lennon/Ono kitchen-suggested that cannabis resin might not be written into the law that kept convicted drug possessors out of the country.

    The 60-Minute Critics

  • "Do you come and sit down on my knee here for a few minutes or so, and that'd warm me better than all the 'tay' in the world."

    Castle Richmond

  • When we had finished supper and were drinking our "tay," Mrs. O'Shaughnessy told our fortunes with the tea-leaves.

    Letters of a Woman Homesteader

  • "tay" over which the three had been chatting, as is the way of our domestics at such times and places, -- she had reason to know the mistress of the house did not well approve of her, or of these frequent visitations.

    Lanier of the Cavalry or, A Week's Arrest

  • i agree that zoe wasn't nearly as odious as I thought she would be. i guess there's "tay" in the truly obnoxious role. what's the deal with rodger? many things don't seem to fit with him / them. and zoe has shaved almost 10 years of her age. born in '62 not' 71

    Pretty On The Outside

  • Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. la carte de fidélité (lah kart deuh fee del ee tay) noun, feminine

    Carte de Fidelite - French Word-A-Day

  • Your gift when you help support this word journal. velléité (vay-lay-ee-tay) noun, feminine

    velleite - French Word-A-Day

  • The show features a disco ball, celebrity guests and Wendy's advice, along with some brash attitude: "You don't want to know where this wig was last night when I was par-tay-ing."

    On 'staycation'? Don't touch that dial; there's lots to watch

  • Afterward, to cement the manly camraderie, Mauro and I went back to the stable to share a gourd of mate (pronounced "mah-tay"), the twiggy-infused tea gauchos drink.

    High Plains Drifting


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