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  • noun A silvery bluish or greenish food and game fish (Pomatomus saltatrix) of temperate and tropical waters, known for being a voracious predator.

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  • noun Girella cyarrea, a hæmuloid fish found in Australian waters.
  • noun The usual name of a fish of the family Pomatomidæ, the Pomatomus saltatrix, also called tailor, skipjack, blue-snapper, and green-fish.
  • noun An occasional (New England) name of the common cunner, Ctenolabrus adspersus. See cunner.
  • noun A Californian sciænoid fish, Cynoscion parvipinne, related to the weakfish of the eastern United States.
  • noun A pimelepteroid fish of the Pacific coast of the United States, Girella nigricans, of a bluish-brown color, with tricuspid incisors in an outer row, and a band of smaller teeth within.
  • noun A West Indian and Floridian labroid fish, Platyglossus radiatus, with 9 dorsal spines, cheeks and opercles naked, and well-developed posterior canines.

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  • noun (Zoöl.) A large voracious fish (Pomatomus saitatrix), of the family Carangidæ, valued as a food fish, and widely distributed on the American coast. On the New Jersey and Rhode Island coast it is called the horse mackerel, in Virginia saltwater tailor, or skipjack.
  • noun A West Indian fish (Platyglossus radiatus), of the family Labridæ.

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  • noun A voracious fish, of the genus Pomatomus, found in waters of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean

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  • noun bluish warm-water marine food and game fish that follow schools of small fishes into shallow waters
  • noun fatty bluish flesh of bluefish


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blue +‎ fish


  • He captures all the action and introduces us to an eccentric gallery of characters that includes: Dick Hathaway, the crotchety legend who once caught a bluefish from a helicopter; Janet Messineo, a recovering alcoholic who says that striped bass saved her life; and Lev Wlodyka, a cagey local whose next fish will spark a storm of controversy and throw the tournament into turmoil.

    The Big One by David Kinney: Book summary

  • The bluefish are a sickly hue inside an ash gray blue, they with their black robes.


  • In its waters swim some of the most magnificent fish on the Atlantic Coast—namely bluefish, big bluefish.


  • In its waters swim some of the most magnificent fish on the Atlantic Coast—namely bluefish, big bluefish.


  • Where it comes from: Fatty fish, such as bluefish, halibut, mackerel provide 2 of 3 fatty acids; the third comes from walnuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

    Norwich Bulletin Home RSS

  • Finally, I'll forget about stripers real fast when big bluefish are just hitting anything you throw like a freight train.

    Fish That Save The Day

  • The artist behind Molunkus Designs with his first bluefish.

    Field & Stream

  • It states: [The International Commission for the Conservaiton of Atlantic Tunas] Scientific Committee concluded (1) that there was a 95% probability that BFT [bluefish tuna] had declined to the extent that it would qualify for an Appendix I listing.

    Biodiversity 100: actions for Asia

  • As for menhaden, in the 18th century they had their culinary fans, but these days you're far more likely to eat something else that has eaten menhaden whole in the wild, like striped bass, tuna and bluefish, or ground-up as fishmeal, like chickens, pigs or farmed salmon.

    Peter Hanlon: Little Fish, Big Help

  • Rather small bluefish caught labor day weekend 2007

    Field & Stream


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