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  • Reviewing Beta (Feb 28, 2010) so after the 30 day trial, what freeware program would you guys rec for converting files/burning dvd's? thanks boaz


  • Going into 2008, this is still a great free program. boaz


  • Isn't Danny White the General Manager who was in the Forum last year for bouncing thousands of dollars in checks at his own casino? boaz J. Fargo, ND 01/24/2010 12: 04 PM

    Homepage | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

  • Brandyn E, prior articles stated that that willingly too breathalizer tests and no alcohol was found. boaz J. Fargo, ND 10/26/2009 4: 01 PM

    | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

  • Speak english u can delete the lang folder too. boaz


  • If this sounds like you, send a concise letter of motivation plus a brief resume to Boaz Leskes at boaz [at] medialab. nl.

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    Giles Slade: Grizzly Bear Extinction

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    Cynthia Boaz: Grand Ayatollah's pronouncement is sign of disintegrating regime

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    Cynthia Boaz: Why Michael Jackson's Death is Heartbreaking for me... Finally

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    Cynthia Boaz: The Green Revolution Belongs to the Iranians, Not the United States


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  • Also the name of the group representing Israel at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

    June 24, 2008

  • Part of the ritual of freemasomry.

    Quoted from Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings of all Ages" p.307-8

    "The right Tablet of the law (Moses' Decalogue) further signifies Jachin-the white pillar of light; the left Tablet, Boaz-the shadowy pillar of darkness. These were the names of the two pillars cast from brass set up on the porch of King Solomon's Temple...On top of each pillar was a large bowl-now erroneously called a ball or globe-one of the bowls probably containing fire and the other water. The celestial globe (originally the bowl of fire), surmounting the right-hand column (Jachin), symbolized the divine man; the terrestrial globe (the bowl of water), surmounting the left-hand column (Boaz), signified the earthly man. These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive expressions of Divine Energy, the Sun and the Moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness. Between them is the Sanctuary they are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and an anthropomorphic deity. As two parallel columns they denote the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which were formerly placed in the chamber of initiation to represent birth and death-the extremes of physical life. They accordingly signify the summer and winter solstices, now known to Freemasons under the comparatively modern appellation of the "two St. Johns...In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy (Jachin) and Serverity (Boaz). Standing before the gate of King Solomon's Temple, these columns had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When interpreted Qabbalistically, the names of the two pillars mean 'In strength shall My House be established.'"

    June 24, 2008