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  • adv. Describing the method of being dismissed in which the ball is bowled, and it hits and breaks the batsman's wicket.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bowl.


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  • "Louis," she burst out, "I'd rather be a Puritan, I think -- and be all dead and dried up like Aunt Janet, than -- than -- what you call bowled over.


  • This phrase bowled me over, for the proportion thus bluntly stated in figures gave me so logical a conception of his exalted expectations, that I hurried away at once to the director to warn him that the enterprise on which we had embarked would not, after all, prove as easy as we thought.

    My Life — Volume 1

  • At CES this year, we're kind of bowled over by some of the innovative ways 3D technology is making its way into debuting products.

    CES 2011: GoPro HD Wearable Camera can record in 3D (video)

  • I mean how important is it for your character to be assertive and not simply kind of bowled over by the daughters on this show?

    INTERVIEW: Molly Ringwald Talks “The Secret Life of the American Teeager”

  • 1459: That is the fifth time in six innings Dravid has been bowled, which is a worrying sign. | Top Stories

  • Somethin 'bowled' im clean over, but 'e gets up again an' shows me 'is arm.

    Combed Out

  • The statistics are damning: Delhi has recorded the fewest sixes of the three venues, a little more than half those hit in Hyderabad; four scores below 100, one of which was the tournament's lowest total; and 40 % of all wickets falling in the "bowled" column, testifying to the difficulty in predicting the bounce.

    Cricinfo news from Cricinfo

  • He was bowled clean over, landing in a heap on the floor a dozen feet away.

    Chapter 15

  • And I was bowled over from the beginning, although I did not know it.


  • The captain led gallantly to the attack, but was bowled over by a chunk of coal that burst on his head in black baptism.



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  • Cricket jargon - one of the ways in which a batsman can be given out. It occurs when the a ball is bowled and directly or indirectly dislodges one of the two bails on the wicket.

    December 3, 2007