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  • n. Plural form of brain.
  • n. Intelligence; aptitude; mental capability.
  • n. The brain of one or more animals used as food.


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  • Although the “realism” of Cowboy Kirk winning a fight because of his brains is a bit of a stretch, I did enjoy the episode.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Best fight in all of TV history…without question

  • So being told off for using your brains is about as absurd as being told off for detecting too much … Officers.


  • If, instead of marrying a young girl who didn't know any better than to believe that you were a man, instead of a fractional one, you had come to me, and borrowed my revolver and blown out the fungus growth which you refer to as your brains, you would have bit it.


  • In diplomacy, counting on unassisted brains is iffier yet.


  • They caused the current economic crisis and watermelon for brains is making it much worse. kate

    On Obama's agenda next week: Golf

  • Into that silence that was fraught with the shuffling of feet, bare and slippered both, the faint hiss of the stove and the sub-aural racket of neurons firing in brains that were no longer in touch with souls, no longer calm and meditative, neurons nudged from the path and straining to find their way back, there came a deep harsh ratcheting cry from the figure on the bed, from Karuna.

    The Silence

  • I'm not quite so optimistic that such an interface to our brains is near to hand, but the more realistic possibility of squeezing all the wood pulp crowding my office into the smallest of hand-held devices has given me a new perspective.

    Seth Shostak: Burn the Bookcases!

  • Long term damage to knees, hips and (we are now more aware) brains is extremely common, and the dietary patterns for many players is very unhealthy, and hard to stop after retirement.

    Matthew Yglesias » PEDs

  • Some of them have what researchers described as the brains of 80-year-olds when they were only 5 or 10.

    Study: Doctors missing strokes in kids with anemia

  • It made people think and sometimes that's enough to set the sparks flying in brains all over the world, regardless of its intent, quality or substance.

    I'd Rather Let The Flowers Keep Doing What They Do Best


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