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  • n. Plural form of domain.


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  • Do i have to register sub domains, add-on domains& parked domains when creating them? are there any SEO analyst job openings in bangalore for 1+ yr exp? en Español

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  • Do i have to register sub domains, add-on domains& parked domains when creating them? two totally different scripts used for (same) single language to advertise products in some leading publicatio?

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  • "game" ist one of the most 2,006,770 frequently used business domains terms in domains*

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  • Stewart, who gave up bass guitar to become a virus hunter, says 3 million or so infected PCs checking in daily at a fresh list of 50,000 Web domains scattered around 110 top-level domains is “not so scary.”

    Conficker worm 'not so scary'

  • Even within domains in which African Americans have traditionally found successful role models there can be a lingering suspicion that, say, black athletes are still discriminated against or have to work harder for respect compared to their white peers (black quarterbacks having to be ‘mobile’, etc).

    Unrealistic Optimism

  • Matthew, along with your admiral insight and profligacy, you have an unfortunate tendency to accept authoritative-sounding or intriguing statements in domains where you are fundamentally uninformed.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Social Determinants of Health

  • A graduate of econ 101 might ask whether the status quo in these three domains is rational, since it takes from the relatively poor and gives to the relatively rich.

    Tax Breaks vs. Subsidies, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Choanoflagellates have immunoglobin domains without having an immune system.

    Assessing Applegate's Attack

  • ICANN, the international body responsible for internet domains, is preparing to accept applications for new domains early in 2009 – and thanks to the dotCYM campaign, Wales is in with a real chance shoulder to shoulder with heavyweights like. sco (Scotland),. london,. berlin,. paris and. nyc (New York City).

    dotCYM: members wanted

  • Likewise, choanoflagellates have five immunoglobulin domains, though they have no immune system; collagen, integrin and cadherin domains, though they have no skeleton or matrix binding cells together; and proteins called tyrosine kinases that are a key part of signaling between cells, even though Monosiga is not known to communicate, or at least does not form colonies.

    An Animal Toolkit in a Single-Celled Organism


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