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  • v. To escape, especially forcefully or defiantly.
  • v. (idiomatic) to bring out, use, or present
  • v. to separate from a bundle
  • v. To begin suddenly; to emerge in a certain condition.
  • v. To suddenly get pimples, especially on one's face.

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  • v. start abruptly
  • v. move away or escape suddenly
  • v. become raw or open
  • v. take from stowage in preparation for use
  • v. begin suddenly and sometimes violently


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  • And a bottle of my patented tonic, to which I have added a drachm of gold so that ye do not break out in boils.

    Morgan’s Run

  • War will break out between my marines and the soldiers of the New South Wales Corps, with every felon villain from Francis to Peck enlisting with Hill.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Natural selection therefore favours the genetic tendency to break out of the self-denying ordinance and grow a bit taller, say to 11 feet.


  • The Afghan commanders certainly disliked each other more than they did al-Qaeda, and their subcommanders were more than happy to take bribes from Arabs trying to break out of Tora Bora.

    The Longest War

  • Above the racket of a restaurant filled to capacity, he had yelled his life story, elaborating on the loss of parents, his love of cricket, the luck of his sister, the generosity of Askari, and how he, Raj Shethia, last of the male line, was going to break out of the grim squalor of his chawl and find a nice apartment.

    Walls of Silence

  • The rebels have been trying to break out of those bridgeheads.

    Senate postpones Libya vote amid budget dispute

  • What I want to do is break out of Ambracia and make a run for Egypt.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • “I am dedicated to the Cycle of Hope campaign because I want to help others break out of their cycle of misunderstanding and fear, and empower themselves through the Cycle of Hope.”


  • It bursts out in pimples or heat bumps where the epicormic buds are about to break out into new shoots.


  • Trouble did not break out until it left the cover of the trees, but then the intense fire which poured down upon the closely-grouped tanks and BMPs, from an arc that included Kuppenheim on the left to the crest immediately ahead, precluded further progress.

    First Clash


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