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  • n. Plural form of bronchiole.


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  • These in turn branch out into thousands of tiny tubes called bronchioles.

    You Raising Your Child

  • When small airways called bronchioles get doused with histamine, they swell and fill with mucus (chart).

    Why Ebonie Can't Breathe

  • The condition develops when small airways called bronchioles become inflamed and swollen, restricting how much air can enter and leave the lungs.

    The Guardian World News

  • "The cyclist's own record and a study made in March last year demonstrate that Oscar has a sensitivity in his bronchioles which is greater than that of the average of the population, and that causes him to have to take medication if he presents symptoms that might justify it."

    French doping agency studying explanation from Tour runner-up Pereiro

  • Involuntary muscles in the lungs tighten, constricting the tubes, called "bronchioles," that carry oxygen to the bloodstream. - News

  • Pockets of tiny air sacs that split off from bronchioles within each lung.


  • Smaller tubes or airways branching off from the bronchi; the lungs have hundreds of thousands of bronchioles.


  • This particular geneologist has almost stabilised cell patterns of a genome linked to the abnormalities of bronchioles in lungs.

    The Theory

  • Her perfume, a mixture of lemon and lavender, would sink into my bronchioles, and strands of her hair—long, black, and twisty— occasionally made it into the recesses of my mouth, caught somewhere between tonsil and tongue.

    Same As You

  • Okay, that happens a lot: The bronchioles get irritated and inflamed and you develop a case of acute bronchitis.

    Dodging Bullets


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