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  • n. A simplified spelling of bull.
  • n. An ancient name of the second month of the Jewish civil year, now called Hesvan or Mar-hesvan. As the name of a month it occurs only once in the Hebrew Bible (1 Ki. vi. 38). There are several renderings of the word. See Hesvan.


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  • Its most notable feature was a proboscis that would be flattered by the appellation bul-bous.

    The Metrognome and Other Stories

  • I called bul%#it and didn't believe him until we played in Birmingham a year later.

    Waggle Room

  • Han'bul 'nd St. Jo has; everythink is different now -- everythink has changed -- everythink except humin natur', 'nd that is the same, it allus has been, and it allus will be, I reckon.

    Second Book of Tales

  • In the spring uv '67 I hed to go out into Kansas; and takin' the Han'bul 'nd St. Jo at Palmyry Junction, I wuz n't long in findin' out that the Han'bul 'nd St. Jo railroad wuz jist about the wust cast of rollin' prairer I ever struck.

    Second Book of Tales

  • "It don't make no more noise than a cricket, nohow; 'nd I reckon that being a director uv the road I kin stop the train' nd let off anybody that don't like the way the Han'bul 'nd St. Jo does business."

    Second Book of Tales

  • 've paid for a good night's sleep, 'nd it 's my duty as a director uv the Han'bul' nd St. Jo to pertest ag'in 'this disturbance.

    Second Book of Tales

  • April 28th, 2008 2: 40 pm ET you guys and your polls, have you been right all year, stop trying cnn it does not matter what the polls say, she cannot win only way if you give it to her so stop this bul cnn, i know you guys do not like it get used to it President Obama ....

    Poll shows Clinton has better shot of beating McCain

  • The LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite) mission will send a missile traveling at twice the speed of a bul ...

    NASA To Bomb The Moon (PHOTOS)

  • For example, if you're arguing with a friend and you've each said your piece, but then your friend starts it all up again, you can say "bul yooka xaar mi kawar."

    In case you're interested...

  • One of my favorite new phrases he taught me: "bul yooka xaar mi kawar."

    In case you're interested...


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