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  • noun Same as bauera, 2.
  • noun Whisky or other intoxicating beverage. Also tangleleg.

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  • noun archaic, colloquial low-quality whiskey, especially home-brewed.
  • noun a sticky substance put at the base of trees or other plants to trap insects and prevent them from climbing up.


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  • They had loaded up pretty well with "tanglefoot," and they were doing some very loud talking.

    Young Wild West at "Forbidden Pass" and, How Arietta Paid the Toll

  • In the distance half a dozen sand-spouts, swiftly-moving white pillars, looking like desert genii with too much "tanglefoot" aboard, were careering about in every direction.

    Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, November, 1878 of Popular Literature and Science

  • It was hard to keep him away from such places, for he loved gambling and practical joking, not to speak of "tanglefoot," to such a degree that he could not be held back.

    Young Wild West at "Forbidden Pass" and, How Arietta Paid the Toll

  • The application of bands of burlap or "tanglefoot," or of other substances often seen on the trunks of elm trees is useless, since these bands only prevent the larvae from crawling down from the leaves to the base and serve to prevent nothing from crawling up.

    Studies of Trees

  • But as the latter individual had set up a primitive still and announced his intention of flooding the coast with "tanglefoot," [59] his own poison was probably seized by the islanders, who, when intoxicated, murdered its manufacturer.

    From Paris to New York by Land

  • How the secret got about was never known (perhaps "tanglefoot" was not unconnected with its disclosure), but three Swedes (one of whom was then a reindeer-herder and is now a millionaire), got wind of the news, and quickly and quietly set out for Cape Nome, which they reached late in

    From Paris to New York by Land

  • It is perfectly well known in Harcourt's own district that, far from being a pioneer and settler HIMSELF he simply succeeded after a fashion to the genuine work of one Elijah Curtis, an actual pioneer and discoverer, years before, while Harcourt, we believe, was keeping a frontier doggery in Sidon, and dispensing 'tanglefoot' and salt junk to the hayfooted Pike Countians of his precinct.

    A First Family of Tasajara

  • The worst 'tanglefoot' or 'forty-rod' from Cincinnati or St. Louis would have been nectar by the side of that brandy.

    Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life

  • Bill Moran he'll back me word; for what does Dave Harney do but lug off me six cans, freeze the milk into his candle-moulds, an 'trade them in to bill Moran for a bottle iv tanglefoot!

    CHAPTER 16

  • After I have done all I can do, after I have been covered in water from hosing and smell of neem oil, after I have scrubbed the tanglefoot off my hands, after the DE has had a few days to do it's nasty work, and after enough time has passed to lull any remaining aphids into complacency, than, and only then, do I call in the Special Ops Unit.

    Operation Garden Storm


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  • tanglefoot in Afrikaans: whisky

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