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  • To roar.
  • n. Same as bull-shot.
  • n. In stock-raising, a cow of irregular reproductive habit.


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  • And what's the difference between a truth squader and a pit buller?

    CNN Transcript Sep 22, 2008

  • When a cow assumes the appearance of what we term a regular buller -- when she is running every day, or every second or third day, or when one or more retire from the herd and assume the habits of the male -- then, and not till then, does the case become utterly hopeless.

    Cattle and Cattle-breeders

  • Och ut drogo svenner med buller och bång, 14 med guld och böner, och skalderna följde, en rad så lång, med hjältesång, och ställde sig fram för kung Beles söner.

    Fritiofs Saga

  • But a hard stones, hard back buller man calling out (and most times they do more than just call out) to a young boy/man is unnatural and nauseating.

    Gay/Lesbian Forum

  • The production (by Max Dingel and Ed buller - who helped Pulp and The Killers reach their stadium sound) is all top notch and epic in stature.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • I agree with buller lots of opportunities spread it about a bit look for the way the economy will recover and pick the eggs not the chickens


  • (who we now know was CLEARLY capable and willing to discharge his weapon) BUMPED INTO YOU thinking you were trying to stop him and put a buller in your head? Stories / Popular

  • Hello buller, first if you look on the bloomberg COMMODITY FUTURES, copper is clearly showing a gain, a much high gain then thursdays closing price, please remember, the followng has happened: president Obama has said there are glimmers of recovery in the usa economy and as i have bee saying, which has happened; Japan has come out with a major spending plan on their economy and the chinese are reporting that lending has gone up six fold during the month of march, all these have been reported during our holidays, thats why we see a contuine bull run on the copper and metal prives and will continue to see them going up. here is a link to latest copper prices



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  • "Before long the streets widened, and the hush of tires on pavement blended with the buller of waves against the gradual shores of Pudong."

    The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, p 84 of the Spectra trade paperback

    May 19, 2016