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  • n. An embankment or dike, especially in India.
  • n. A street running along a harbor or waterway, especially in the Far East.
  • n. An association, especially a political association.
  • n. A pro-Nazi German-American organization of the 1930s.
  • n. A European Jewish socialist movement founded in Russia in 1897.

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  • n. a league or confederacy; especially the confederation of German states.
  • n. A secondary enclosure, typically consisting of a wall or berm, which surrounds a tank or fluid-handling mechanism, intended to contain any spills or leaks.
  • v. To provide berms or other secondary enclosures to guard against accidental fluid spills within.


Hindi band, from Persian, from Middle Persian, from Avestan *banda-, from Old Iranian; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.
German, from Middle High German bunt.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From German Bund ("alliance, league") (Wiktionary)
From Urdu band, from Persian (Wiktionary)


  • Deutsche Börse is big in trading long-term bund derivatives, for example, while NYSE-Euronext is strong in shorter-term interest-rate contracts.

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary

  • European short futures - The surge in German bund prices on Friday helped drive yields to a closing low at 3. 12%. Home Page

  • The surge in German bund prices on Friday helped drive yields to a closing low at 3. 12%.

  • In Europe, equity markets fell after investors stayed away from the launch of Germany's latest 10-year bond, known as a bund.

    European Stocks Fall on German Bund Sale

  • And if such an assembly existed, they would need massive doses of training, such as how to build a bund, which is where the NGOs could come in.

    Questions and Answers: Deep Joshi

  • This temporary fortification is called a bund, and was erected by the

    Borneo and the Indian Archipelago with drawings of costume and scenery

  • The problem now is that with the crisis spreading to core Europe, as evidenced by spiking yields on French sovereign bonds and the gradual, but marked, risein German bund yields, the scenario where international investors undertake whole-sale liquidations of Eurozone assets "is an increasing risk," according to Nomura's Jens Nordvig and Yujiro Goto. News

  • The German bund, which is a safe-haven asset on that side of the Atlantic, also traded at a record low.

  • Already it was almost up to the top of the "bund"; a few inches more and it would flood the lowland, destroying life and property, and stopping all business.

    A Wayfarer in China Impressions of a trip across West China and Mongolia

  • At the post-office I was told that only a small part of the mail had been brought into Srinagar, the road being "bund" between Baramula and that place, while an unusual number of landslips and bridges have come down in the Jhelum Valley.

    A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil


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  • bund Shanghai

    May 25, 2010

  • "Precious top-soil, the life of the upland farmers, had been washed down into the gullies or flowed uselessly down the roadways. I saw peasants collecting it in baskets and calabashes and carrying it on their heads back up the steep paths to their fields where they were repairing bunds broken out by the rains."
    - 'Resetlement, Ethiopia, 1985', Germaine Greer in The Madwoman's Underclothes.

    September 1, 2008