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  • n. A hand.
  • n. security, granted by a king or earl, the violation of which was punished by a fine (a mundbyrd)
  • n. Protection, guardianship.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. See mun.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In Anglo-Saxon law, protection; security.
  • n. A globe or ball: same as mound.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Old English mund, from Germanic. Cognate with German Mund, Munt ("legal protection").


  • Ato para ka mundësi që të kenë rënë në duart e ndonjë besimtari i cili është i varfër dhe i shtyrë në moshë.

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  • There is so much mis-information in this thread it is mund boggleing.

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  • It is certainly true that E.mund McIlhenny began bottling and selling E. McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Sauce in the late 1860s.

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  • His clay feet, swarded in verdigrass, stick up starck where he last fellonem, by the mund of the maga-zine wall, where our maggy seen all, with her sisterin shawl.

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  • Ask my index, mund my achilles, swell my obolum, wosh-up my nase serene, answered the Mookse, rapidly by turning clement, urban, eugenious and celestian in the formose of good grogory humours.

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  • My only complaint would be the lack of some cognates in the words' etymologies, viz. a Sanskrit and Old Persian cognate in the etymology of nail, n. (both present in the OED2 entry) and a Greek cognate in the etymology of mund, n. or manus, n.1 (not present in the OED2 entry). OVEST.

  • I've been thinking something similar with green mund beans and yellow mung beans.

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  • Në këtë sistem, vetëm ata që shërbejnë në ushtarak mund të fitojnë shtetësinë dhe të drejtën për të votuar. »2004» Maj

  • Kur vjen koha për Marcello për të kryer vrasjen, ai nuk mund të. »2004» Maj


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