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  • adj. Obsolete spelling of burdensome.


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burthen +‎ -some


  • A weak and debilitated habit is allways apt to suffer from this loathsome and burthensome pressure of water, but still I must hope soon to hear of its abatement and assure you that were it my case I should look confidently for a restoration.

    Letter 95

  • I am no enemy to solitude; on the contrary, company is commonly burthensome to me; I find few who have any power to give me entertainment, and even of those few, the chief part have in their manners, situation, or characters, an unfortunate something, that generally renders a near connection with them inconvenient or disagreeable.


  • She was to be responsible not only to the world but to herself for the whole of this momentous transaction, and the terror of leaving either dissatisfied, made independence burthensome, and unlimited power a grievance.


  • With such a weight upon the mind length of life would be burthensome; with a sensation of guilt early death would be terrific!


  • As the Ghost of a Person, dead these 250 Years & more, you may imagine the Taxes I had paid in my Age were nothing, as compar'd to the burthensome Imposts so many complain of in this Modern World.

    "Mr. McCain hungers for information. He can regularly be seen reading newspapers from cover to cover..."

  • Controls had taken hold of and revived, or to impose burthensome charges.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • The work we MUST do is not burthensome in amount, and it is the most congenial our educational guardians can find for us and help us to find.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • The permanent idleness of a human being is not only burthensome to the world, but his own secure misery.

    A Modern Utopia

  • It must be remembered, that the Government expended capital for years before any return was obtained; and if they now derive a large revenue, it is in a way which is far less burthensome, and far more beneficial to the people, than any tax that could be levied.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • The horses were, however, very heavily laden, carrying at least three hundred and fifty pounds each; a weight which I was fearful the description of country we had to pass over would render still more burthensome.

    Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales


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