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  • n. A monoazo coal-tar color produced by combining diazotized aniline with dimethylaniline. It is used for coloring butter, oils, etc.


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  • At her words, they turned and advanced towards them, large, rainbow-coloured, metallic guns clutched in butter-yellow gloves.

    The Tick-tock Box short story competition runners-up

  • His apartment was neutral, masculine gray, so the butter-yellow chair was jarring.

    CHAIRS • by Samantha Henderson

  • Are we expected to connect the chairs somehow with the bees in the park, with their butter-yellow pollen?

    CHAIRS • by Samantha Henderson

  • Most of the day he watched bees burrow into wide, welcoming squash blossoms, covered with butter-yellow pollen.

    CHAIRS • by Samantha Henderson

  • "When the days are crisp and I'm walking to my office and the sugar maple has those butter-yellow leaves - I just stop in my tracks," Zelonis says.

    Fall in the Midwest: Colors are subtle but lasting

  • In vain she tries to remember the friendly voice, the soft hands, the scent of cookies, the laughing days at the house with the butter-yellow walls.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • Walking past the butter-yellow leather chair and sofa arrangement near the window, Borys muttered under his breath, then set the tray on the low table, a four-foot-wide slice of red oak polished to a shine.


  • Yvie was standing just below the orchestra making notes on the score as they played and occasionally conferring with the conductor, who was dressed casually in a butter-yellow polo shirt and black trousers.

    The Woman I Was Born to Be

  • Damaris wore a butter-yellow dress that perfectly matched her soft hair and that was adorned with tiny seed pearls and creamy brown cat's-eye agates.


  • This is a swollen, dripping, butter-yellow organ that I could never with all my years of veterinary medicine identify as a liver if I hadnt been prewarned that thats what it is.

    The Foie Gras Wars


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