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  • n. One of a pair of chairs or litters mounted on a pack animal (horse, mule, camel)
  • n. A single litter mounted on a pack animal.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A chair, litter, or other contrivance fitted to the back or pack saddle of a mule for carrying travelers in mountainous districts, or for the transportation of the sick and wounded of an army.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A kind of pannier in the form of a seat, fixed on the back of a mule or horse. for carrying travelers in mountainous districts, or sick or wounded persons.


From French cacolet. (Wiktionary)


  • By means of cunningly placed blankets the medical authorities did all that was humanly possible to mitigate the terrible jolting, but with all their care and ingenuity even the shortest journey in a cacolet was a nightmare.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • A cacolet is a kind of stretcher-bed with a rail round it, and a hood over the top to protect the occupant from the sun.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • This astonishing mode of conveyance was known as a "cacolet," and replaced the "voitures" and "fiacres" of other resorts.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 4 France and the Netherlands, Part 2

  • I retired to "another place" _via_ a cacolet-camel and the hospital train; and when I again emerged it was in another guise and under the ægis of the

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • At one moment the cacolet swung high in the air, and the sufferer was banged against the lower rail; the next, it was at the other extreme, and he was almost thrown out -- there was no rest from the maddening motion until a merciful unconsciousness brought relief to the tortured body.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • To a wounded man the motion was the very refinement of torture, especially if the other cacolet were occupied by a heavier man.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • Troopers of the Light Horse were riding with gunners from the artillery; cacolet camels, whose native drivers had their heads shrouded in blankets, trudged beside ambulance carts; here and there a man who had lost his horse stumbled wearily along, first in one column then in another; guns and ammunition-limbers were mingled with cable-waggons; and all followed blindly man or waggon in front of them.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • To voyage "en cacolet" was the necessity of our grandfathers; for us it is an amusement only.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 4 France and the Netherlands, Part 2

  • We trot along in a whirlwind of dust, blinded, bewildered, jolted, we cling to the bar of the cacolet, shut our eyes, laugh and groan.

    Sac-Au-Dos 1907

  • As we desired to avoid the possibility of a similar accident happening to us, we dismounted from our _cacolet_, and walked across the ledge to some distance: and, after a short repose beneath the shelter of the overhanging rocks, which a violent shower made most convenient at the moment, we prepared to retrace our steps; satisfied with having advanced so far on the same route taken by "Charlemagne and all his peerage."

    Béarn and the Pyrenees A Legendary Tour to the Country of Henri Quatre


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  • A howdah is an elegant way
    To ride in the heat of the day,
    Or else sit astraddle
    A horse in a saddle
    Or lounge in a cool cacolet.

    August 6, 2015