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  • n. Depression, melancholy.


From French cafard. (Wiktionary)


  • It documents the life of a chronic alcoholic who suffered continually from what he, following the French, called cafard-the cockroach that is a metaphor for overwhelming, debilitating depression.

    Critical Mass

  • "It dissects (a shade too scientifically and cold-bloodedly at times perhaps) the sentiments and emotions associated with attack and defence; the impulses that eventuate in heroism; the alternating super-sensitiveness and callousness of the nerves; fear and the mastery of fear; the 'hope deferred that maketh the heart sick'; the devious stratagems of the terrible 'cafard' (blues)."

    The Jervaise Comedy

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  • The chapter about the cafard and the search for a house with yellow windows is one for which I felt extraordinary empathy; I would love to have written this particularly, but writing such material surely had a certain price attached, and it's known that Cheever went through hell before receiving this vision.

    Archive 2006-09-24

  • *The French expression for "having the blues" is avoir le cafard--literally, “to have the cockroach.”

    La Coquette:

  • I nicknamed her le cafard “the black cockroach” because she was always dressed in black, her hennaed hair pulled tight into a chignon, a cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth.

    Apricots on the Nile

  • Surely Ms. Didion must know the appearance of a "smart set" — over-educated, non-productive, narcissistic and in perpetual cafard — is a phenomenon that cannot be isolated from its social context.

    They'll Take Manhattan

  • And you take so much pain and you labor so hard to entertain [17] me, I want make you happy in your heart so you have no more the "cafard."

    Deer Godchild


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