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  • When the chimes of the campanili had dimmed to a faint cadence, like some unuttered rhythm of thought, as the distance grew between the outsailing fleet and all that pageantry of Venice, two faces stood forth like visions from the bewildering pictures of the morning and dwelt with

    The Royal Pawn of Venice A Romance of Cyprus

  • But when seen in the narrow precincts of a temple court, from whose floor they shot up into the blue sky overhead, surrounded by great columns and lofty gates, breaking the monotony of the heavy masses of masonry of which the Egyptian temples were composed, and acting the part which campanili and spires perform in modern churches, a standard of comparison was thus furnished which greatly enhanced their magnitude.

    Roman Mosaics Or, Studies in Rome and Its Neighbourhood

  • 'And when the evening mist clothes the riverside with poetry, as with a veil, and the poor buildings lose themselves in the dim sky, and the tall chimneys become campanili, and the warehouses are palaces in the night, and the whole city hangs in the heavens, and fairyland is before us ...'

    Yet Again

  • We have noted that at Rome and Ravenna towers formed no part of the original basilican plan, but were added later as _campanili_.

    The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church

  • Neither at Ravenna nor at Rome did bell-towers originally form part of the plan of the basilica: the round _campanili_ of both churches at Ravenna are certainly later additions.

    The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church

  • In either case, we assume what can never be proved, and an instrument is introduced of such subtlety and pliability as to make the Scriptures mean anything -- ` Gallus in campanili 'as the

    Scripture and Truth: Dissertations by the Late Benjamin Jowett with Introduction by Lewis Campbell.

  • Mr. Howells '_Venetian Life_ I have spoken more than once in this book; its truth and vivacity are a proof of how little the central Venice has altered, no matter what changes there may have been in government or how often campanili fall.

    A Wanderer in Venice

  • The delicate palaces, -- already crumbling from age, -- the marvelous façade of the Ducal Palace with its lustrous color, the leaning _campanili_, the little churches filled with noble monuments to its great ones, -- all were helpless before an aerial attack, or shelling from warships.

    The World Decision

  • As pink dawn blossomed in the sky, like a heavenly orchard, and the mountain tops were beaten into copper, we glided along the edge of the lake, past picturesque villages and _campanili_, and cypress trees.

    The Princess Passes

  • Then, suddenly, the "something" Mr. Barrymore had told us to look for, grew out of the horizon -- dim and mysterious, yet not to be mistaken; hyacinth-blue streaks that were pinnacles and campanili, bubbles that were domes, floating between the gold of the sunset and the grey-green of the tall grass, for no water was visible yet.

    My Friend the Chauffeur


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