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  • n. Plural form of hedger.


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  • Most big banks, for instance, take bets on prices but are still classified as hedgers because they use futures markets to off-set the risks they face as swaps dealers.

    CFTC to Review Hedge-Exemption Rules

  • Since they are classified as hedgers, however, they can still apply for exemptions on speculative position limits even though they may be engaged in both hedging and speculative trading.

    CFTC to Review Hedge-Exemption Rules

  • Most of the physical players (those who deal with concrete energy products) start as hedgers, that is, they trade in order to mitigate the risks they are exposed to.

    Hurriyet Dailynews

  • And there is, AFAICT, a fundamental asymmetry between the "hedgers" and "speculators" in this game, in that the natural hedgers would in general be poorer than the speculators in terms of their actual ownership of assets, and that this is a big problem.

    The Poor Get Richer, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Any proposed change in the margin requirements for speculators wouldn't directly affect "hedgers," such as airlines and farmers who use the futures market to hedge against price risk in their supplies or products.

    Higher Margins Considered to

  • He had on a pair of large gloves such as hedgers use.

    Life of Johnson

  • If it doesn't exist, commercial so-called "hedgers", taking short positions in excess of the speculative limits, are committing fraud.

    Gold Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • Cardinal Newman's axiom, "It is never worth while to call whity-brown white, for the sake of avoiding scandal"; and Father Faber's own felicitous comment on religious "hedgers," "A moderation which consists in taking immoderate liberties with God is hardly what the

    Americans and Others

  • Volatility is the grist of fund hedging, and government that are slow to respond always create a deficiency for their citizens because foreign hedgers play off the counter cyclity of debt allocation.

    Technological Determinishm, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The end-user coalition suggests that the MSP term is defined in a way that makes clear it doesn't apply to legitimate hedgers of risk that are neither large, nor interconnected the way dealers are.

    Minimum Thresholds for Swaps Urged


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