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  • noun Plural form of devaluation.


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  • Given its extreme over-bought condition, we feel that gold could drop another 100 dollars in short order, and still not disturb the long-term up-trend, which we believe will endure for several years - not because of $USD weakness, but due to competitive currency devaluations aka currency war.

    Cara Community

  • Pressure on the exchange rate, caused in part by fear of "devaluations", in itself depreciates the local currency.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • Jim, you have been in Brazil for a long time and you've seen these kind of devaluations before. Home Page

  • -- inflation myths - money creation isn't the problem; speculative currency attacks force destructive devaluations, meaning prices rise as a result; American inflation is "caused by private banks inflating the money supply with debt," not by printing money; also by productive growth not keeping up;

    Restoring National Sovereignty with A Truly National Banking System ; Reviewing Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt:" Part VI

  • Yet their beloved currency devaluations are economically no different; they are just another way of encouraging unproductive jobs.

    The High Cost of a Cheap Pound

  • Like any other import tax or export subsidy, currency devaluations interfere with the price signals that direct resources to their most productive uses.

    The High Cost of a Cheap Pound

  • Vietnam's inflation rates steadily increased in 2010, hitting 11.75% on year in December, and worsening a crisis of confidence in the dong currency, which already had been hit by a series of devaluations.

    Vietnamese Premier Is Poised for New Term

  • Currency devaluations are just another way of encouraging unproductive jobs.

    The High Cost of a Cheap Pound

  • Approaching a new G20 summit in Seoul, arguments between China and America over currency and trade were threatening to destroy the facade of big-power unity, amid talk of global currency wars and competitive devaluations.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • Currency devaluations effectively provide a subsidy for exporters funded by a tax on importers.

    The High Cost of a Cheap Pound


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