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  • n. Plural form of magnification.


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  • Blaker explained this in another book, Field Photography (1976): ... at significant magnifications the choice of f-number is ... nearly always a matter for compromise between depth of field needs and the resolution of fine detail in the image.

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  • * Blaker's definitions of closeup photography as photography at image magnifications of actual size or less and photomacrography as photography at image magnifications greater than actual size are arbitrary and pointless.

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  • I expect to fire my deer rifles from the standing offhand position, and I do my best work under these circumstances with low magnifications, and a wide field of view.

    what's your opinion?

  • I think the higher magnifications available on modern riflescopes could tempt shooters into trying to make shots beyond the capability of their equipment (and themselves).

    I watched a fella shoot an elk at 890 yards the other night and drop him like a sack o' potatoes.

  • (On high magnifications scopes, the objective is the big end of the scope; vice-versa for low power scopes; in either case it's the guzin end.)

    How Many Groups is Enough?

  • The external morphology of male bdelloids is much different than those of the females and even an experienced worker may have difficulty recognizing them as bdelloids without a careful examination at high magnifications.

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  • He sets up multiple cameras and uses different magnifications to record different scales of interaction between systems within the center.


  • Before the black period that came at the end, he did paintings that were complete magnifications of light and silence.


  • The holograms were ten-power magnifications; at ten, the knives they held were just under a meter long.

    Wonder Woman and the Lasso of Truth

  • At these magnifications, there's some blur due to camera shake, but it's not terribly visible unless the images are blown up quite large.

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