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  • n. Plural form of provocation.


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  • � Professor BRIAN MYERS (Dongseo University): The more problems, the more difficulty the regime has legitimizing this young man, the greater the pressure is going to be on North Korea to engage in provocations, to ratchet up tension with the outside world, in order to rally the North Korean masses around the new leader.

    Few Things Clear About Succession In North Korea

  • "It's unfortunate that there are all kids of organizations involved in provocations that contribute nothing and certainly don't contribute to any kind of agreement," David said.

    Jewish Activists Attempting To Breach Israel's Gaza Blockade

  • To expect Afghans or Pakistanis to act any differently in response to United States provocations is absurd.

    Bruce Fein: Predator Drones: Bin Laden's Best Friends

  • For instance, China frowned on recent U.S. drills in the Yellow Sea as a threat to its own security; those drills might not have happened had America and South Korea not felt compelled to counter threats and provocations from the North.

    It's Time for a Political War on Pyongyang

  • Under certain provocations, we recognize that murder may be a reasonable and justifiable action, such as catching someone trying to rape your wife, when your own life is in danger, performing a legally sanctioned execution, killing an opposing soldier during wartime, killing one member of group to save the rest, ‘a crime of passion’ where it can be argued that you are not totally sane at that moment, and possibly a few other cases.

    2007 January « Hyperpat’s HyperDay

  • [5] The Georgians have persistently claimed that they began shelling Tskhinvali only in response to provocations from the Russian side, but the available evidence calls this account into question.

    The Russians Are Coming?

  • You seem to support David Kilcullen's opinion that our reaction to al-Qaeda's provocations is what got us into this current mess and that, had we reacted differently, we might be better positioned today.

    Endgaming the Terror War

  • He had long counseled President Saakashvili to avoid overreacting to provocations from the Russian-backed breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia that are at the center of the current conflict, these people say.

    wsj tiptoes around scheunemann

  • One group of demonstrators on Thursday held a sign calling on Khartoum to stop what they described as provocations of war.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • "If Rembrandt were alive today, he would be a director," said Peter Greenaway, who generously dispensed what he himself calls provocations rather than answers to audience questions at the



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