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  • n. Plural form of ulceration.


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  • Then there are yaws and many other skin ulcerations.

    Chapter 15

  • A 2006 study published in Clinical Diabetes by Ingrid Kruse, DPM, and Steven Edelman, M.D., indicated that diabetic foot problems, such as ulcerations, infections and gangrene, are the most common causes of hospitalization among diabetic patients. Featured News and Stories

  • It is characterized by crypt abscesses and ulcerations extending down to the muscularis and surrounded by prominent mucosal infiltrate of inflammatory cells.

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  • The blisters may become filled with a cheese-like necrotic tissue that may progress to ulcerations, full thickness tissue loss and even the loss of fingers.

    Hydrofluoric Acid

  • What's going on here is that the stasis dermatitis ended up ulcerating on both ankles, a not unusual circumstance (I just found out that my maternal grandfather suffered from the same issue with dermatitis, and he used to end up with ulcerations constantly, so I guess I'm fortunate.)

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  • Antihypertensive drugs, calcium-channel blockers and some anti-inflammatory drugs can cause painful ulcerations of the gums.

    If Your Teeth Could Talk ...

  • By the time he gave up teaching in 1988, and began working full time as a painter – by now with a wife, his former student Frances Carey and their young family to support in south London – retinal detachments and corneal ulcerations had diminished his detailed sight to almost nothing.

    Sargy Mann: the blind painter of Peckham

  • She has a chart – just in case I forget that tiny arachnids with white tails can cause horrific ulcerations to the skin or that the ones with red backs can kill.

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  • After five years of treatment which still left him with painful ulcerations at the site of the bite and, at one point, facing the posibility of amputation, he asked if he could have a better doctor.

    will they get fooled again? striking back at harry and louise

  • Occasional side effects include blindness due to corneal ulcerations and infertility in male survivors.

    7 Worst Pandemics In History | Impact Lab


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