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  • noun Plural form of affirmation.


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  • Reprogramming gets a bad name from touchy-feely, New Age associations with the term affirmations.

    Survival of the Savvy

  • In opposition to the motion, the plaintiff submitted an MRI which showed a bulging disc and affirmations from the plaintiff's treating physician and neurologist which were not based upon recent examinations.

    Personal Injury

  • Imagination, not political courage or piety, is what finally ennobles the book: We become less and less interested in the anti-Southern, antisentimental, antiaristocratic, anti-everything-under-the-sun elements…and more and more concerned with its affirmations, which is to say we become more and more concerned with Jim.

    Mark Twain

  • Yes and No in affirmations and denials -- as if our word for it were not enough, and we expected others to question it -- springs from that vicious root of untruthfulness which is only aggravated by the very effort to clear ourselves of the suspicion of it.

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • He writes books about growing durians, organic gardening and other subjects, including a project on one-word affirmations called Switchwords.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • If you think of your future as a great tent you are putting up, your affirmations are the tent stakes that tie it to the ground.

    The Vision Board Book

  • YOu have to focus on implicit affirmations, that is, when there is a circuit split and the SCOTUS grants cert on the issue from a different circuit court with whom the 9th agrees, and affirms that court implicitly affirming the 9th circuit, too.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Is Splitting the Ninth the Answer? (What Was the Question?):

  • Prayer and the power of the spoken word affirmations are what helped me the most.

    Super Woman’s Child

  • In such cases, the phenomena are classified as affirmations or negations as single units encompassing the items and the properties or qualifications.

    Gelug Definitions of Affirmation and Negation Phenomena

  • Normally—previously—Irene hadn't been much of a believer in what the New Agers call affirmations.

    The Girls He Adored


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