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  • noun Plural form of abbreviation.


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  • This is a generation already embracing text-messaging and speaking in abbreviations out loud (lol, omg, etc.) ... it might seem persnickety, but I think some traditions exist for very good reasons and people often underestimate the culture-changing effects of language.


  • But I find that defined-term abbreviations tend to make contracts much more reasonable.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Words To Live By:

  • The Chinese government sent a notice earlier this month to major broadcasters "asking them to avoid using certain English abbreviations in Chinese programs," China Daily reported Wednesday, citing sources at China Central Television and Beijing Television. : Total

  • China Central Television and Beijing Television told the state-run China Daily that they had received notification from the government to avoid using certain English abbreviations on Chinese programmes.

    The Times of India

  • (I’m trying this new thing where I only speek in abbreviations to see if I save any time throughout the day)


  • The only other allowable use of the "crossbar I" is in abbreviations.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • I understand using the internet to make the english language more efficient like: ur and other word abbreviations, but i am teh roxxzor u r the suxxzor is not english or any recognizable derivation mercator

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Best email in a while

  • Until these issues are resolved the BBC semantic markup standards have been updated to prevent the use of non-human-readable text in abbreviations.

    The BBC, accessibility, the hCalendar microformat and RDFa

  • Keyscript saves on averafe 60% of the writing and ultimately generates a list of word abbreviations, as Yublin does, but because the abbreviations are based on the simple rules of Keyscript they do not have to be memorised by rote.

    Yublin shorthand for speed-writing

  • Speaking about the results of the Top Ten most popular slang abbreviations Neil McHugh, co-Managing Director of said

    As Welsh predictive text messaging begins… A handy guide to abbreviations – LOL!


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