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  • n. Plural form of gyration.


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  • The fact that one in six Americans is either unemployed or trapped in low-paying part-time employment due to the lack of full-time positions, is a far more significant economic indicator than short-term gyrations on Wall Street or periodic upward anomalies confronting an otherwise downward economic trend.

    Sheldon Filger: Obama's Economic Crisis Team is Full of Green Shoots

  • Only they know for sure how much their angry words and heated gyrations from the uproarious losses in Miami turned their heads, when they needed focus the most. - Owner's behavior blurred Mavs' focus

  • The Chicago Board Options Exchange's Volatility Index, a measure of investors 'nervousness about potential near-term gyrations in the stock market, was sharply higher Tuesday, up 3.8%, or 0.62 point, at 17.63.

    Credit Worries Make Comeback

  • But he says they've grown used to bad economic news and are unfazed by the stock market's short-term gyrations.

  • But they do suggest that it is unrealistic to catch the market's short-term gyrations, even ones as momentous as the one three years ago this month. - Top Stories

  • MarketWatch - Think you can time the stock market's shorter-term gyrations? - Top Stories

  • Although it's impossible to protect your portfolio fully from the market's short-term gyrations, selling your holdings when fear and panic rules the ticker is a sure-fire way to lose money.

  • However, as a large economy with a huge surplus, China is more subject to short-term gyrations in public sector spending.

  • Policymakers should not react to short-term gyrations in commodity prices, he added.

    The Guardian World News

  • And many investors aren't fretting the short-term gyrations much anyway, because Coach maintains a solid balance sheet and a keen ability to generate cash.

    The Money Times


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