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  • n. Plural form of malformation.


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  • Neurologic issues: Nervous center issues include seizures, brain malformations, or muscle weakness or tightness.

    WT1-Related Wilms Tumor (WT) Syndromes

  • Both dwarfism and Marfan syndrome (a disorder of the connective tissue) have been linked to older fathers, and according to research published in 1996 in the journal Nature Genetics, Apert syndrome (a disorder characterized by malformations of the skull, face, hands and feet) is a mutation caused exclusively by advanced paternal age.

    What's That Ticking Sound? The Male Biological Clock

  • Because of the Shar Pei's wrinkly skin, they are prone to health problems such as malformations of the eyelids, ear infections, overshot jaw and also skin irritations.


  • Vivus said there were no reports of any fetal malformations in the 15 births from women exposed to Qnexa or topiramate in the initial Qnexa clinical studies.

    FDA Seeks Data on Vivus Obesity Drug

  • Now we have this evidence, advice should be more explicit about the kinds of serious defects such as deformed limbs, and facial and gastrointestinal malformations that babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy could suffer from.

    Birth defects linked for first time to smoking in pregnancy

  • The label stated that "there may be an association between the use of Topamax during pregnancy and congenital malformations."

    FDA Strengthens Topamax Warning

  • These early blood tests also could help some women avoid unnecessary drug treatment, given to expectant mothers whose fetuses are likely to suffer from a very rare condition that causes genital malformations, Bianchi says.

    Blood test detects fetal sex much earlier in pregnancy

  • The pioneering work in the 1940s of Alfred Blalock of Johns Hopkins University on "blue babies," children with congenital malformations whose blood wasn't properly oxygenated, was important, but it was still done without the crucial operating time that modern heart-lung machines give to the surgeon.

    Gowns, Germs and Steel

  • This syndrome is characterized by a combination of Wilms 'tumor, kidney failure, genitourinary malformations and gonad (ovaries or testes) abnormalities.

    Diagnosing and treating pediatric hepatoblastoma

  • Approximately 5 percent of individuals with nevoid basal cell carcinomas (NBCCS) are found to have other malformations, including cleft lip/palate, polydactyly, or other eye abnormalities.

    Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome


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