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  • n. Plural form of degradation.


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  • In his memoir, "Pour Your Heart Into It," Mr. Schultz recalls the degradations of his youthful days waiting tables in the Catskills.

    The Point of Tipping

  • These "degradations" rose to the surface with the convergence of 1) WikiLeaks revelations about their leaders and our policies, 2) the death of the US-sponsored 20-year Peace Process, and 3) the relatively new phenomenon of Arabs actually having access to this information -- via Al Jazeera, Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere.

    Sharmine Narwani: Washington's Valentine's Day Faux Pas in the Middle East

  • Metal experiences fatigue, connections can get brittle, and these degradations make spills more likely.

    Christopher F. Jones: An Oil Sand Marriage?

  • Everything that can go wrong does in this downward spiral through a series of humiliations, embarrassments and degradations that feels like a steeplechase through social-misfit hell.

    Humanity's Many Faces

  • But what matters is that the stage remind us of the degradations of war.

    Tactical Questioning - review

  • I used GrandPerspective for the hard disk image to find those elusive giant ISOs ... and I use Cocktail for maintenance scripts instead of Onyx, and AppZapper for uninstalling ... however, functionality wise, my mac is still good, the only degradations being a rapid filling up of the hard drive and dramatic loss of 3% of my battery's life thanks to all that torrenting ... skorned

    Clean Up And Revive Your Bloated, Sluggish Mac | Lifehacker Australia

  • "If we do not attempt to discover the magic sense of things, we will do no more than add new sources of degradations to those already offered to people today, which are beyond number... if the powers of backwardness continue to spread, if they push us any further into the dead end of cruelty and incomprehension, that will be the end of all human dignity," he wrote.

    Joan Miró: A life in paintings

  • * A degradation of good things that made later degradations easier to swallow.

    Not Watching the Watchmen

  • If you want to clamp down on degradations in the minority community, tackle issues like limiting welfare and push programs aimed at responsibility and accountability.

    Senate to take up resolution apologizing for slavery

  • Since they have already institutionalized the term "eco-terrorists," they can now harass, arrest, and -- under the new laws -- prosecute anyone who opposes various environmental degradations (in this case the horrendous "fracking" to obtain natural gas from underground shale, which is spreading underground poison in vast areas of Pennsylvania).

    Michael Schwartz: Unfortunately, Obama Is Expanding the Imperial Presidency


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