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  • n. Plural form of subluxation.


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  • The title chiropractor and its legal underpinnings should become dead letters: if no treatment can be based on the idea of subluxations there can be no chiropractors.

    Simon's Choice

  • Spinal, pelvic and cranial distortions, termed subluxations by chiropractors, result in structural and neurological interference to the spine and nerve system and chiropractors correct or reduce this interference through gentle and specific adjustments. Press Releases

  • If you believe that spinal "subluxations" can cause deafness or cancer, as many chiropractors do, then you have elevated faith above reason, because the evidence says otherwise.

    An Argument from Realism Against Naturalism about Human Beings

  • To answer your point, it is the use of spinal manipulation, based on a bonkers theory of "subluxations", for non-spinal conditions that is the problem that sceptics insist must be dealt with, if I can presume to speak on behalf of such a disparate group.

    Simon's Choice

  • In other words, I'm not sure which camp I see you as being part of, but so far as I know you do not share with chiros this idea of "subluxations".

    Simon's Choice

  • As I said above, without its "subluxations" what is chiropractic?

    Simon's Choice

  • The chiropractic connection is especially worrisome, given the kooky beliefs espoused by practitioners (such as that all illness is caused by 'subluxations' of the spine) and the evidence that chiropractic treatments cause vascular damage, especially when necks are manipulated or it is practiced on adolescents or children.

    a sibilant intake of breath

  • 'subluxations' are the cause of other diseases and especially if they treat specifically for this, then they are probably not acting appropriately.

    FriendFeed - georgeh

  • If your chiropractor tells you that subluxations of the bones and joints (misalignments) are responsible for an illness or disease, don't be content with this gobbledygook.

    Todd Kashdan: When is Chiropractic Care a Scam? What About Reflexology? Magnetic Therapy?

  • Palmer thought that subluxations were the cause of nearly every problem suffered by humankind.

    Todd Kashdan: When is Chiropractic Care a Scam? What About Reflexology? Magnetic Therapy?


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