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  • noun Plural form of inauguration.


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  • Would have been more convincing I'm sure if he hadn't repeated the right-wing lie about the relative cost of the inaugurations: the dramatic difference in "cost" between the Bush and Obama inaugurations is because the number for the former excludes all security costs while the number for the latter includes them.

    (Not) Watching the Inauguration

  • I suspect that history will find that the week of his inaugurations was the best of his Presidency and it has been down hill ever since.


  • Well, of all his "inaugurations" this one is truly the least impressive of all.

    Chavez at his vilest self in Valencia

  • Well, of all his "inaugurations" this one is truly the least impressive of all.

    11/19/2006 - 11/26/2006

  • The office provides emergency care to stricken tourists and medical support to special events at the Capitol such as inaugurations, and it tested and treated congressional aides after anthrax-tainted mail was sent to the Capitol in 2001.


  • The only other crowd of this size that has assembled in recent times is the yearly Muslim pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which this year topped out at between 2 million and 3 million visitors. are constantly upgrading capacity in their networks and have routinely prepared for major events in Washington, D.C., such as inaugurations and state funerals, this will likely be the largest gathering of Americans in one place at one time.

    Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • Another example of weird and insulting American exceptionalism took place during the inauguration (why do we call them inaugurations, anyway?).

    Matthew Yglesias » Obama’s Car Invention Myth

  • But he would no doubt be offended by the ostentation of modern American inaugurations.

    For a day at least, Washington will not be in recession

  • But 2005 seems fairly mundane when compared to other inaugurations, which have occurred on Jan. 20 or 21 since 1937.

    So It Might Not Rain on His Parade? - The Caucus Blog -

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