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  • n. Plural form of oscillation.


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  • Although economic growth as measured by GDP does not directly correlate with short-term oscillations in the capital markets, there is a long-term connection.

    The Great Migration Of Classic Growth Stocks

  • The shorter term oscillations may actually interact with or incite the longer term ones which drive things like the MWP and LIA.

    Unthreaded #11 « Climate Audit

  • A projection is made for average conditions in the year 2025 such that high frequency fluctuations from short term oscillations such as El Nino are ignored, corresponding to an increase in tropical SST of 1oF that is attributable to greenhouse warming.

    Holland and Webster Figure 1 « Climate Audit

  • In the absence of a magnetic field the period of all these oscillations is the same.

    Pieter Zeeman - Nobel Lecture

  • It was only through this that the so-called "long-distance telegraphy" became possible, where the oscillations from the transmitting station, as a result of resonance, could exert the maximum possible effect upon the receiving station.

    Nobel Prize in Physics 1909 - Presentation Speech

  • After 6-8% rallies bids have failed to hold as the fast money playing shorter term oscillations in the market have cut and run.

    US Market Commentary from Seeking Alpha

  • "However, areas with very good wind resources are not immune from a number of long-term oscillations that have a significant impact on production from year to year."

    Renewable Energy News -

  • Don't let the short-term oscillations of the market distract you from long-term strategies.

    Bullish Blog

  • The more time an investor grants while he or she awaits fruition of the investment, the less stress results from short term oscillations of price. Home Page

  • My readers know that speculating about near-term oscillations in the gold price is merely an entertaining hobby, while my continuous fundamental analysis of the longer-term trajectory of this precious-metals bull market is the only call I care about making correctly.



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