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  • n. An economical notebook computer.


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Blend of internet and subnotebook


  • Accordingly, Psion all has agreed to "allow" others to use the term netbook for undisclosed considerations, if any, given by Intel.

    Rumor: Netbook Debate Ends With A Quiet Settlement?

  • I agree the semantical shift to the term netbook has significant implications.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • In short, the term netbook doesn't seem to have a clear cut definition yet, because despite the standard practice of using Atom processors, there are companies that offer similar-sized alternatives.

    Moneycontrol Top Headlines

  • Most people associate the term netbook with small, simple, and low-cost.


  • Psion says it's only going after those "profiting" from the term netbook RIAA finds its soul, will stop suing individuals downloading music Jan 13th 2009 2: 15PM

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • Before we go any further, we should note that the term netbook has come under fire from Psion, which once marketed a netbook called the cease and desist notices.

    Low End Mac

  • The term netbook is generally applied to highly portable, low-powered laptops, designed for web surfing, out-of-office productivity and light entertainment tasks. :

  • "On information and belief, Intel willfully and maliciously has encouraged, aided and abetted other manufacturers and retailers in the electronics industry to adopt and use the term netbook as a generic name for a type of laptop computer in an effort to destroy Psion's trademark rights."

    PC Advisor News

  • In the wake of Psion's stated intention to start a campaign to take back the term netbook even though they had apparently forgotten about their trademark for a year or so, more "day late, dollar short" tech lawsuits are cropping up.

    Mobility Site

  • We'll have to wait to see how the Sony palmtop (I really dislike the term netbook) sells.



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  • Not 'netbooks'. Low cost small notebook PCs.

    Bound to catch on...

    June 3, 2009

  • A laptop meant mostly for surfing the Web. They're generally light-weight, inexpensive, and highly portable with low processor speeds.

    January 23, 2009