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  • n. The ratio of charge to potential on an electrically charged, isolated conductor.
  • n. The ratio of the electric charge transferred from one to the other of a pair of conductors to the resulting potential difference between them.
  • n. The property of a circuit element that permits it to store charge.
  • n. The part of the circuit exhibiting capacitance.

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  • n. The property of an electric circuit or its element that permits it to store charge, defined as the ratio of stored charge to potential over that element or circuit (Q/V); SI unit: farad (F).
  • n. An element of an electrical circuit exhibiting capacitance.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored.
  • n. a measure of the ability of a capacitor to store electrical charge; the ratio of the charge on one plate of a capacitor to the potential difference between the plates.

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  • n. In electricity, a term proposed for capacity reactance. See capacity of a conductor and *reactance.

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  • n. an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electric charge
  • n. an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

capacit(y) + -ance.


  • For example, by measuring changes in an electronic property called capacitance, or the storage of electrical charge, Clark is able to obtain the microstructure's shape, stiffness, force or displacement with high accuracy and precision, he said.

    Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

  • Of the available on-line biomass assays, the radio-frequency impedance method (often referred to as capacitance) is generally regarded as the most robust and reliable method to monitor viable biomass during fermentation and cell culture.

    GEN News Highlights

  • Together with power management savings, Silicon Labs claims that consumer devices based on QuickSense will extend battery life beyond today's devices. capacitive touch-sensitive microcontrollers using what the company calls capacitance-to-digital converters.


  • The secret to producing the gas cheaply lies in pulsing current to the submerged electrodes: Positive-going square wave pulses are gated and pulse-width controlled at frequencies carefully tuned to match the "capacitance" of the spaced-apart negative and positive plates.

    Brown's Gas ("HHO") : Clean, Cheap, and Suppressed Energy

  • This does not break any existing scientific principles: When the "capacitance" of the electrodes are exceeded, there is a large release of energy similar to an over-voltaged electroytic "cap" in a circuit exploding much like a firecracker.

    Brown's Gas ("HHO") : Clean, Cheap, and Suppressed Energy

  • Software of chip makers is not like firefox in a way that you just use it, but these software contains confidential parameters of the chips such as capacitance, voltage, design of the pins, package, heat flow, ...

    Fedora People

  • D4 2nd stage is only slightly longer and has a delta P ducer to establish hydrogen level rather than a capacitance probe in the tank.

    Financial Problems at Sea Launch - NASA Watch

  • I understand that the entire ecosystem of open-source software is an extraordinary volunteer effort and an exemplar of non-profit capacitance, and it has not ceased to blow my mind that linux exists at all, never mind whether it fulfills my personal computing needs. » Blog Archive » The Long Road to Linux

  • I tried fashioning my own stylus for the iPod Touch a while back and due to the capacitance screen, I had to have a piece of aluminium foil running down the side of my pen that linked the tip to my fingers for the capacitance to work.

    Make A DIY iPhone Stylus For Precision, Greasy Fingers | Lifehacker Australia

  • Does this affect the capacitance/impedance? zerohsum zerohsum

    Make A DIY iPhone Stylus For Precision, Greasy Fingers | Lifehacker Australia


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