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  • n. The load carried by a car, especially a freight-car; a customary unit of measure in the United States, equal to 70 barrels of salt, 90 barrels of flour, 9,000 feet of boards, 340 bushels of wheat, 430 bushels of potatoes, etc.


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  • It is printed on paper made apparently from gray oatmeal, pressed between illustrated covers seven times too vivid to be called garish, and shipped in car-load lots to all points of the English-speaking compass.

    Genres and niche markets

  • You can make gay jokes in an air of conviviality and inclusion (‘never cut up a car-load of gays’).

    Another Nokia goes MIA « Sven’s guide to…

  • In the hours as day transitions to night, commuters are rushing to get home; people are jogging and walking their dogs; and families are heading out to dinner or to sports practice, with a car-load of distractions.

    Road smarts - Pedestrian danger at dusk

  • U.S. railroad car-load volume dropped 10% last month from a year earlier, the biggest drop since the Association of American Railroads began tracking such data in 1997.

    Freight Haulers Slam on the Brakes

  • So once the party was about dying down, I took a car-load of people in my car and others took taxis to Whitstable, to brace ourselves against the sea breeze and eat fish and chips.

    BBQ, bike, wedding, driving around, family, Toronto, party

  • The plan was for me to drive yesterday and Ruth today, and it's all worked nicely so far -- a full car-load with me, Dan, Damian, Ian, and Ruth, and crucially none of us absolutely desperate to see the late-night bands or anything.

    Truck 2006, yes, already

  • And all was right with the world, I had a hot chick in a red dress on my arm and we were dancing on the dance floor and there was Christmas cheer being shoveled in by the used car-load and by God, we were about to achieve the sort of status that, in the blackwater, can only come by way of an old truck that sat unusually high off the ground.

    outfoxed Diary Entry

  • The IFP claims Tshwete's remarks prompted ANC bodyguards to open fire on a car-load of IFP members travelling between Ixopo and

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Although it was barely eight-thirty, the first car-load of trouble drew up on the tarmac before Roger had finished unlocking his office door.


  • Miles was at the other end of the division, and they hurried him out to take a car-load of doctors down.

    Danger Signals Remarkable, Exciting and Unique Examples of the Bravery, Daring and Stoicism in the Midst of Danger of Train Dispatchers and Railroad Engineers


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