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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cede.


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  • During that time, the island was compromised of the same territory and remained that way until 1697, with the signing of the Treaty of Ryswick, Spain ceded the western part of the island to France, which was renamed Saint-Domingue.

    Global Voices in English » Dominican Republic: The Financial Cost of Undocumented Haitian Immigrants

  • There is a thesis that runs through this that American history may have been dramatically different without John Brown, as the Kansas wars may have never happened without him and then it (Kansas) would have gone to the south as a slave state, and then the North would have ceded from the union, which the south would not have minded, as they were the cash cow of the US.

    Chris in Albania:

  • For these and similar reasons, some just, others rather sophistical, he urged the sovereigns not to consider themselves bound to ratify the compulsory terms ceded to these profligate men, but to inquire into their offences, and treat them accordingly.

    The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus

  • Her other argument: "To deny us the right to our ancestral land, especially the so-called ceded or stolen lands, is to perpetuate cultural genocide upon the Hawaiian people."

    Hawaii Reporter

  • He "ceded" that Jimmy's show is better than his and asked the audience "flip the thing and have a look at his show."

    Fallon-Ferguson Food Fight: Cutest Late Night War Ever Continues With 'Spaghetti Eyes' (VIDEO)

  • MILF claims some 1,200 villages, plus the five provinces and two cities "ceded" in the 1996 agreement the government reached with MNLF.

    Mindanao Muddle

  • Loglisci, the chief investment officer of the state pension fund, "ceded" his authority over alternative investment decisions to Morris, who then "corrupted the investment process," RSS Feed

  • The power-sharing government, headed by President Robert Mugabe, would then decide how much of its shareholding is to be "ceded" to "indigenous" Zimbabweans.

    - Latest Popular Stories, Instablogs Community

  • King said he wondered if Grijalva's congressional district in southern Arizona hadn't already been "ceded" to Mexico.

    Fore, right!

  • Based on the declaration, the government would assess how much of the company's shareholding had to be "ceded" to "indigenous Zimbabweans."

    iac world news feed


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