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  • n. The extortion of money under threat of making public charges of misconduct or the like; blackmail.


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  • The fact is that my old schoolfellow, Lambert, might well, and indeed with certainty, be said to belong to one of those disreputable gangs of petty scoundrels who form associations for the sake of what is now called chantage, an offence nowadays defined and punished by our legal code.

    A Raw Youth

  • That was a bit of 'chantage' that you did with Dauriat; he gave you a thousand crowns to let Nathan alone.

    Lost Illusions

  • I did my 'chantage' for Finot's benefit, and Finot put Braulard on the wrong scent; Braulard told the man of drugs that _you_ were demolishing

    Lost Illusions

  • I have resolved to turn steady and give up play, and I have done a little 'chantage' to pay my debts. "

    Lost Illusions

  • That was a bit of ‘chantage’ that you did with Dauriat; he gave you a thousand crowns to let Nathan alone.

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris

  • Ainsi donc le vaillant Pinku, car tel était notre principal sujet, commenca a solliciter c chers et tendres neurones en les priant et surtout en faisant preuve d'un chantage subtil fait de barre de chocolat à l'orange et de verre de lait, de ne pas s'endormir et de lui rappeler où pouvait bien s'être egarée Imagination Débilienne.

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • There are in London and every large city scores of men and women who live by blackmailing or chantage.

    Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

  • Sometimes they act as a kind of irregular police force, levying _chantage_ from those whom they detect in the commission of an offence; and, when crime is scarce, they often exact blackmail from wholly innocent people by threatening to accuse them of some ill-deed, unless their goodwill is purchased at their own price.

    In Court and Kampong Being Tales and Sketches of Native Life in the Malay Peninsula

  • You will be on the road which leads from mere dishonour to crime; and you may find yourself actually practising _chantage_, and extorting money as the price of your silence.

    Essays in Little

  • For its latest developments as regards the chantage of the tantes (pathics), the reader will consult the last issues of Dr. Tardieu's well-known

    Arabian nights. English


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  • The culture of card and corsage

    Is sentiment rendered mirage.

    By custom extracted,

    In duress enacted,

    Such gestures are merchant’s chantage.

    June 26, 2015

  • blackmail

    "They used chantage to threaten the robber"

    November 1, 2010