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  • n. A hunt or pursuit.
  • v. to hunt or chase

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A cry used in hunting.
  • n. A hunt; chase; pursuit.
  • n. The game of prisoners' base. See Base, n., 24.
  • transitive v. See chivy, v. t.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To chase about or hunt from place to place; throw or pitch about; worry.
  • n. A halloo; a shout; a cheer.
  • n. The game of prisoners' base.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. annoy continually or chronically


Probably from Chevy Chase, the scene of a battle celebrated in a number of early ballads. (Wiktionary)


  • Yes | No | Report from Brittle wrote 1 week 3 days ago ford, but chevy is close behind

    Ford or Chevy?

  • Mr. Tinkler made no articulate reply, but sat down with a crushed expression, and set himself to devour bread and butter with an energy which he hoped would divert attention from his blushes; and almost immediately the Doctor looked at his watch and said, "Now, boys, you have half-an-hour for 'chevy' -- make the most of it.

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • The cold, unsatisfying breakfast, and the half-hour assigned to "chevy," followed in due course, and after that Paul found himself set down with a class to await the German master, Herr Stohwasser.

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • The usual "chevy" was going on there, with more spirit than usual, perhaps, because the darkness allowed of practical jokes and surprises, and offered great facilities for paying off old grudges with secrecy and despatch, and as the Doctor had come to the door of the greenhouse, and was looking on, the players exerted themselves still more, till the

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • Football and cricket were of course reserved for half-holidays, and played in a neighbouring field rented by the Doctor, and in the playground he restricted them to "chevy," which he considered, rightly enough, both gave them abundant exercise and kept them out of mischief.

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • This, though a plentiful, and by no means unwholesome fare for growing boys, was not what he had been accustomed to, and feeling far too heavy and unwell after it to venture upon an encounter with the Doctor, he wandered slow and melancholy round the bare gravelled playground during the half-hour after dinner devoted to the inevitable "chevy," until the

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • But the fact was that this particular sport, "chevy," commonly known as "prisoners 'base," was by no means a popular amusement, being of a somewhat monotonous nature, and calling for no special skill on the part of the performers.

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • (Did you ever play 'chevy' when you were a boy before?

    Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers

  • The most reliable truck built today seems to be the chevy/gmc based on car and driver and consumer reports research The 4x4 toyota tundra is having major transmission problems so I'd stay clear of them.

    Who makes the best pickup truck for huntin and fishin and why is it the best?

  • My vote is any of the chevy Z71's, doesnt matter what year, they are all tough trucks

    Who makes the best pickup truck for huntin and fishin and why is it the best?


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