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  • n. The study of history using economic models and advanced mathematical methods of data processing and analysis.

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  • n. The use of econometrics to study economic history


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Clio + -metrics.


  • The result of more than thirty five years of the new economic history, or cliometrics, is not only to shed new light on the past as a result of the application of economic theory and quantitative methods to history but to provide social scientists with new insights into and a deeper understanding of the nature of societal and economic change.

    Douglass C. North - Banquet Speech

  • Ms. McCloskey enjoyed a stellar career in economic history before her apostasy, being among the earliest pioneers of cliometrics—the quantitative study of economic history.

    The New Theories of Moral Sentiments

  • In other words, the turn to cliometrics -- quantitative observation of historical trends -- is more or less essential to the history of the longue durée.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Both Fogel and North have been credited with founding the discipline of cliometrics, the application of economic theory to history, a subject traditional economists have largely ignored.

    The Urge To 'Startle People'

  • Meyer wrote on the microeconomics of slave investment, Conrad worked on the demographics, they put the two parts together, made some convincing estimates of just how profitable slavery actually was historians nearly universally assumed it was a money-losing business and in that putting-together created the controversial displine known today as cliometrics.

    Economic Principals

  • But Cambridge was also home to a group of scholars who together would create the “new” economic history—or “cliometrics,” as it gradually became known in the newspapers.

    Economic Principals

  • Second, attitudes toward age may be measured in census data, by an "age heaping" test, which Professor Stone dismissed as merely a "clever exercise in cliometrics."

    Growing Old: An Exchange

  • But they overlook the portion of that change that began with John Meyer, a Harvard professor who was present at the creation of the Boston consulting firm of Charles River Associates, served as vice chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad, helped invent “cliometrics” and ran the Bureau for a decade between Arthur F. Burns and Feldstein.

    Economic Principals

  • - whether cliometrics, hermeneutics, deconstruction, or symbolic interactionism - when they are also good ideas, carry powerful residual value in their originality and authority.

  • Try reading some Jared Diamond and then playing that game (particularly cliometrics after reading the Foundation series as a kid. what's new online!


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  • quantitative methods applied to the study of history, derived from Clio, the muse of history.

    January 30, 2007