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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of coerce., being forced


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  • Summary of Livers lawsuit: Alleges false arrest, pointing to what it calls a coerced interrogation of Livers, whose mental disability made him far more likely to give in to the demands of a stressful interrogation.

    Omaha World-Herald > Frontpage

  • And the externality of being coerced is a major uncompensated one.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Does Hayek Belong in High School Economics Classes?

  • Stacy Sullivan, another counterterrorism adviser with Human Rights Watch, said the Military Commissions Act is unclear on what happens if a guilty plea is allegedly coerced from a detainee.

    Complete Disorder | ATTACKERMAN

  • She called the coerced confessions “entirely incredible” and said they “defy belief.”

    Kollar-Kotelly Orders al-Rabiah Released | ATTACKERMAN

  • Is it not possible that just one of those being coerced is not guilty!! rln


  • Is it not possible that just one of those being coerced is not guilty!!


  • I explained that I was on firm legal and moral ground by exercising my choice not to engage in coerced patriotism, that as a Quaker I didn't believe in ritualistic idol worship, and if the seniors in my homeroom hadn't already formulated an opinion that the morning pledge is a true affirmation of their patriotism or a mindless recitation of a ritual learned in kindergarten, seeing me participate in my own way wasn't going to irreparably harm them.

    June 2006

  • As a result of convergent evolution of torture practices, it seems that various figures interested in coerced confessions — Spanish Inquisitors, People’s Liberation Army, Khmer Rouge, etc. — all hit upon the basic idea behind waterboarding.

    Matthew Yglesias » If Marc Thiessen Doesn’t Want to be Compared to the Spanish Inquisition, He Should Stop Advocating Torture Techniques Used in the Spanish Inquisition

  • The only time guilty pleas are allowed to be overturned is if there are some circumstances where the defendant didn't understand English properly, was physically coerced, that is, threatened with physical harm if they didn't plead guilty.

    CNN Transcript Aug 28, 2007

  • In addtion, it was necessary to reinstate the inspection regime, backed up with highly targeted force if necessary to compel inspections the so-called coerced inspection idea.



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