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  • In heraldry, same as contourné.

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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of traverse.


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  • It may have been a Phoenician caravan route which Herodotus describes as traversed on one occasion by the Nasamonians, [993] which began in North Africa and terminated with the Niger and the city of

    History of Phoenicia

  • The country which they traversed from the Chaboras, to the cultivated lands of Assyria, may be considered as a part of the desert of Arabia, a dry and barren waste, which could never be improved by the most powerful arts of human industry.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • He then, while the only sound he heard was that of the owls from the neighbouring wood, or the night jar as it flitted before him near the house, again traversed the park around it, and went to the opposite side or principal front – in the middle of which was the door of the great hall; – that too was fasted; but over it was the achievement of Mrs Rayland, the family-arms in a lozenge: – Mrs Rayland then was undoubtedly no more.

    The Old Manor House

  • I’m pretty sure that is ballpark because the season when it is frozen and can be traversed is shortened.

    BBC Radio 4: The Battle for Influence – Overselling Climate Change « Climate Audit

  • In short, it is to attribute to the course itself of the arrow everything that can be said of the interval that the arrow has traversed, that is to say, to admit _a priori_ the absurdity that movement coincides with immobility.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • Tocqueville and his traveling partner “felt as if we had traversed catacombs; there were a thousand living beings, and yet it was a desert solitude.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Transit police, as well as local police in the towns traversed by the commuter rail lines, can now issue violations to passengers who light up on train platforms and waiting and ticketing areas.

    Smoking Ban Makes Riders the Enforcers

  • I traversed through crowds in Battery Park, cut in and out of the crowds on Water Street, followed police orders to give a wide berth to Beekman Hospital.

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page: Sept. 12, 2001

  • The real danger is that the administration's new strategy to guide the cuts undermines strategic flexibility, leading the country down a dangerous path it has traversed before: a primary reliance on a single military capability or a focus on a single region.

    The President's Risky Defense Strategy

  • They traversed down the Bunny Hill, Calvin wiping out three times before he got to the bottom.

    Sunshine Loop


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