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  • n. Plural form of comestible.
  • n. Anything that can be eaten; food


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  • The third specializes in English comestibles, the sort of thing that Englishmen abroad are supposed to yearn for: Bird's custard, Marmite, Bovril, Jammie Dodgers.

    Brits Behaving Badly

  • Do Zagat and Michelin award extra kudos or contain comments like "the hors d'oeuvres, though engulfed by a sea of balsamico can only be described, politely, as dismal; the main course gave the impression of having probably been recycled several times; HOWEVER the sanitary facilities whither these" comestibles "were swiftly dispensed with justify an overall 1* criteria.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • It gives you a small, sustainable glow, knowing that you're eating healthily and avoiding all those pre-packaged comestibles.

    Go green before it becomes compulsory | Kevin McKenna

  • Migration for some birds, maybe all, does not seem to be a do-or-die, single-destination journey, but a more leisurely series of shorter flights with stops at known places with good comestibles.

    Bird Cloud

  • In case you are wondering; in this context I am not referring to young Girl Guides, or delicious chocolate comestibles but to Gordon Brown's skilful habit of answering a question by using a dodgy statistic to not quite answer the question he was asked but one more to his liking.

    The Today programme and "Brownies"

  • Moses was talkng about taking away his guns from his "cold, dead hands" but The Dawg is not concerned about firearms but comestibles so here is my story.

    From My Cold, Dead Hands

  • These foreigners with a false sense of bravado play this game by consuming comestibles not prepared in keeping with standard hygeinic practices most of us have come to expect and demand and this becomes a game lacking in rational thought and more about that later but for now I must run an errand for my better half before she whups my ass so I will continue this posting later.

    On Crossing the MoMo Bridge

  • Shortly after the formation of Sweet Beginnings, NLEN launched the BeeLove brand which is a high-concept bee product line honey, beeswax consisting of comestibles as well as spa products and cosmetics.

    Joan Brunwasser: Magazine Publisher Moonlights as Urban Beekeeper

  • Mr. Keneally makes little mention of a crucial factor in the Bengal Famine: the Bengali grain merchants and black marketeers who hoarded comestibles, expecting—rightly—that famine would spike food prices profitably.

    Starved for Evidence

  • It is one of the world's great luxury comestibles and it exalts everything it adorns.

    Meathead Goldwyn: Balsamic Vinegar: Magnificence and Deception


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