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  • adj. That occurs at the same time as another


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co- +‎ morbid


  • The rates were 6 percent for those with so-called "comorbid disorders" for example, mental illness and/or substance abuse issues who did not receive smoking cessation counseling from their family doctor, 10.5 percent for those without the comorbid disorders who did not receive counseling, about 31 percent for those with the comorbid disorders who did receive counseling, and nearly 35 percent for those without the disorders who received counseling.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • In West Virginia many patients have "comorbid" conditions that require a cocktail of drugs to treat, says Peggy King, pharmacy director for West Virginia's Bureau for Medical Services.

    The Most Medicated States

  • I was somewhat surprised, since my understanding of co-existing (or "comorbid", in doctor-and-researcher-speak) conditions were things such as depression and diabetes, depression and eating disorders, and diabetes and eating disorders ...

    Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes - A Community for People Touched by Diabetes

  • Most often insomnia is a "comorbid" disorder, present with another medical illness, mental disorder or sleep disorder, or associated with certain medications or substances.


  • Epilepsy and fibromyalgia are the big two, with pretty much everything the fibro's comorbid with.

    Odin's Day

  • This means chronic pain and fatigue, and a host of other comorbid conditions.

    Odin's Day

  • (Also I have insomnia, but that's comorbid with the fibro.) 10.


  • These include mother (of a kickass 14-year-old girl), Informed Patient (epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and a bonus pack of comorbid crap), and activist (community education and prevention team at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, mostly).

    Tew's Day!

  • I'm ultra-rapid-cycling (ultradian) bipolar I with comorbid post-traumatic stress.

    I hate you. Where's my snowpocalypse?

  • This idea is borne of out of the comorbid existence of racism and imperial privilege in the occupier's society.

    Ahmed Moor: West Bank Prosperity Is a Myth


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