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  • adj. pertaining to dysphoria, or of being in a state of dysphoria

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  • adj. generalized feeling of distress


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  • But the average user of PCP or of one of the preparations that we are talking about, like illy or wet or hydro (ph) is one that would typically describe as a dysphoric as opposed to a euphoric effect.

    CNN Transcript Nov 10, 2002

  • A 2008 study of 25 girls who had been seen in Zucker’s clinic showed positive results; 22 were no longer gender-dysphoric, meaning they were comfortable living as girls.

    A Boy's Life

  • These food are also well know to improve dysphoric moods (anxiety, depression, and irritability) that typically accompany nicotine withdrawal.

    Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Food Cravings, Mood, and Nicotine Addiction

  • The phenomenon of acute tolerance to cocaine has been linked with the fact that the euphoric effects of cocaine after I.V. or intranasal administration decrease faster than the corresponding cocaine blood level. 7,12 An often dysphoric "crash" may occur after the intense euphoria of I.V. or inhalation use leading to frequent repeated doses in an effort to prevent the "crash."

    Cocaine Toxicity

  • The Manga only starts interesting when the story deals with a gender dysphoric character.

    Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture Book 1 » Manga Worth Reading

  • The hosts, Rob Williams and Arnie States, devoted the segment in question to a vicious diatribe against transgender children, some as young as five, focusing in particular on the case of one Omaha family raising a gender dysphoric child, and their decision to support her transition from male to female.


  • I had a big read about Yaz when I got home and found out that there's such a thing as Premenstrual dysphoric disorder which - to be fair my doctor didn't seem too interested in going into my mood swings so much, so no I'm not formally diagnosed or anything - but it seems that the symptoms are me everyday.

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

  • At the risk of making you even more dysphoric, our society does not really have many places for people with your intelligence outside the hard sciences.

    Amor Fati

  • About eight percent have such extreme symptoms that the problem has been given a new name: premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

    Eliminate Suffering From PMS In 5 Simple Steps

  • Premenstrual tension becomes "premenstrual dysphoric disorder" or PMDD.

    Disease Mongering: Good For Big Pharma, Bad For You


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