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  • n. A collector who strives to obtain a complete collection of some type of thing.
  • n. A person who champions any philosophy which somehow includes the completeness of something; as, a completist philosopher who holds that a definite complete body of knowledge exists to be discovered
  • adj. Which attempts to collect something completely; as, a completist dictionary, a completist collector


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  • And being a serious Sinatra collector myself I prefer to be called a completist, others prefer "nerd", I'm usually one of the louder voices in the chorus of kvetchers.

    The Full Feed from

  • LibraryThing lists these authors as having the most 'completist' fans, ie that those who have one book by the author are likely to have a lot more.

    Cambridge Lib Dems...

  • I keep hearing that writers/publishers must grab the obsessive-compulsive "completist" readership, the sort of "devoted" kind who become obsessed with a series and WILL NOT STOP until he gets every single book in a series ... and wants a series to never end ...

    MIND MELD: Science Fiction Series

  • For "completist" readers of Asimov's robot stories, check out Johnny Pez's Insanely Complete Asimov Fiction List which offers a time line on all of the Robot and Foundation stories.

    July 2004

  • Whether it's the obsessive idea of being a "completist" or an interest in trying to further understand the musician's art, searching out those rare recordings is a big part of the fun of being a music fan.


  • Bioware is breaking you of your "completist" video game habit.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • What is especially nice about the startrek. website is that for 'completist' collectors, it works as a kind of official checklist of what to look for this April and as the line continues to grow.

  • You might be a "completist," collecting every record made by Bessie Smith or Camarón de la Isla.

    ¡Bemsha SWING!

  • If that review knocked your socks off, or if you are a Pumpkins "completist", send an email to contests@bumpershine. com and and tell me which original Smashing Pumpkins members are part of the current touring lineup (please remember to include your mailing address with your entry) and you could win a copy of the double DVD for yourself.

  • Josh: It’s difficult to think of a newspaper city-hall reporter inspiring that kind of completist approach — like, “I want to get his early EP when he didn’t know what he was doing, that early city council meeting he covered where he screwed up the mayor’s name.”

    Jesse Thorn: “Anything that I can do to make a more profound connection with the audience is…my job” » Nieman Journalism Lab


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  • From Word Spy: A person who obsessively gathers the complete collection of a particular set of items (such as a musician's recordings or an author's books).

    "Hendrix completists, and they are legion, already will have these volumes cataloged with previous versions on quadraphonic vinyl, 8-track and Betamax."

    —Bill Lammers, "Latest CD Offers More of Hendrix," The Plain Dealer, July 25, 1999

    October 29, 2007